Love Jersey has been designed to be an intuitive, user-friendly system but we understand you sometimes need a little extra help to get started. You'll find answers here to some of our most common issues.

Adding a report

You can create a report on the website or the app.

On the website, go to Add Report and follow the instructions to map the location, select the appropriate category (which ensures the report is received by the correct team), add a description, and upload a picture if you have one.

What you can report

You can report anything that makes our island unsafe, unattractive or needs particular care. Whether it's a hole in the road, something that needs to be cleaned or repaired or even a rare species of animal that we should know about, Love Jersey is the place to report it.

Checking progress on your reports

Use the 'View Reports' page on the website or app to access a report you have previously created. Any new information or updates will have been added to this original report.

How do I request an update on my report?

Use the app to access your original report and select 'Nudge' to request an update from the person assigned to it.


For technical support please visit the Love Clean Streets support site