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Near A11, St Peter, Channel Islands, JE3 7, Jersey

Jersey - St. Peter


I moved into St Peter's Valley in February. I live in the 40mph zone. Since I moved in February there have been 4 road accidents on the valley road either side of my house. One was fatal (Owen), a second had life change injuries (bike accident, also called Owen, I found him and called the ambulance) and two further car accidents. I have spoken to transport and technical a number of times about reducing the speed in the Valley and have been given various reasons including the fact that it's a "main thoroughfare and people have to get to work" and "people know it's a dangerous road and will drive carefully" (recorded calls). I'm sure you will agree that not only are these reasons ridiculous but that 4 serious accidents on the same road in 7 months should call for change. I would also like to add that the policeman who attended the motorcycle accident with me said that he would be happy to be contacted to support a speed reduction. He also added that most of the islands "thoroughfares" have 20mph zones where there are houses.<br/>In addition to this, we live on a dangerous corner and our entrance is right onto the valley. we have petitioned transport and technical to put up a concealed entrance sign. They will not do this for the reasons “we would not do this for one home or others will want one too” and “parishioners will not like the countryside to be littered with road signs” (recorded calls). <br/>My question is: What will it take to reduce the speed along the valley and get a concealed entrance warning sign put up near our house? Will it take more fatal accidents or the death of a member of my family? <br/>Many thanks in advance of your help,<br/>Maria<br/>


Reported 15/10/2019 09:41
Completed Yes On 29/10/2019
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Category Traffic management
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#stpetersvalleyspeedreduction #concelaedentrancesign #roadaccidentsstpetersvalley

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Thank you for your report. This has been passed on to the Transport Team to review.

-A11, St Peter, Channel Islands, JE3 7, Jersey 30/10/2019 17:29 Thank you for your report. This has been passed on to the Transport Team to review.

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